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Donald Sterling settles lawsuit with NBA over sale of Clippers

During the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to current owner Steve Ballmer, Donald Sterling filed a lawsuit in protest of having to let go of his former team.

After a 2 1/2 year stint of litigation, the case has been settled quietly and the team’s sale is complete and final.

Without disclosing details of the settlement, Sterling’s lawyer Bobby Samini claims his client is content with the results and is now moving on.

“Donald is pleased with the outcome and is looking forward to focusing on future endeavors.”

The lawsuit was filed against the NBA, former commissioner David Stern and Sterling’s wife Shelly Sterling on the accusation of conspiracy to force the team out of his hands, and he sought damages of over $1 billion.

Once Sterling’s doctors had declared him mentally unfit to control the family trust which included the Clippers franchise, Mrs. Sterling was free to complete the sale for him.

Mrs. Sterling kept half of the $2 billion made from the sale in an escrow account to ensure the NBA against any financial loss.

Sterling was essentially suing the league for money he was already owed, although his chances of winning were poor according to Mrs. Sterling’s lawyer Pierce O’Donnell.

“Donald’s quixotic legal challenge to the record-shattering $2-billion sale was doomed from the very outset.”

An appeal was filed regarding the decision, but it was dismissed shortly after.

In an ironic turn of events, Sterling’s legal team is now suing him for claims that he still owes them $271,000.

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