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Dota 2 Patch 7.29d nerfs dominant heroes ahead of WePlay AniMajor

Dota 2 7.29d nerfs

The final Dota 2 Major for the season is coming in a few days. Hence, Icefrog does what he does best – shake up the meta right before a Major tournament. With Dota 2 Patch 7.29d now live, a couple of meta picks during the Dota 2 Season 2 Upper Division have been targeted by nerfs. Want to know what you should avoid picking for this patch? Read on.

Dota 2 Patch 7.29d patch notes

Icefrog didn’t like how dominant Strength heroes have been during this patch. Because of this, the famed Dota 2 developer nerfed several core items for strength carries. Vanguard, Sange, and Solar Crest all received reduced stats.

Apart from that, Icefrog also made direct changes to a couple of Dota 2 heroes. The hitter Axe meta will no longer be as viable as it used to, as its Aghanim’s Shard has been nerfed to halve its chances of proc. Bristleback will not be as speedy as before, with his Level 10 talent changed from bonus move speed to damage. Broodmother will no longer be broken, with Spin Web’s Shard upgrade no longer reduces web charge time. She also got weaker in the early game, with her Insatiable Hunger rescaled to be weaker at lower levels.

Dota 2‘s resident gorgon Medusa received a bit of nerfs with regards to her Mystic Snake scepter upgrade, making her less toxic in team fights. Her talents also got reworked in an effort to rebalance her Mystic Snake. Snapfire’s armor reduction from Lil’ Shredder was slightly weakened, but we don’t think this will make her less viable for right-clicking builds. But perhaps the most important – and an actually vital change – is how Tiny’s Toss will no longer break Dota 2. Yes, Tiny’s Toss will no longer allow buybacks to teleport heroes back to where they were thrown.

Very nice patch, Icefrog. Now, teams will have to scramble and find new cheese strats for the Major.