Jon Scheyer has been busy with a couple of things these past few months. The Duke basketball program has been getting ready to suit up as the ACC season is about to start. They are also preoccupied with bringing talent and cohesion alongside Jared McCain to get their best shot at winning March Madness. Behind all of this, the Blue Devils have not stopped recruiting top prospects. They are getting the interest of Cooper Flagg and now they may also get Nate Ament.

Nate Ament has the same archetype as Jayson Tatum when he came into the Duke basketball program. He is an elite scoring wing who is able to do a little bit of everything. Jon Scheyer might be able to develop and springboard him into one of the best prospects in a future NBA Draft. There is also little concern about his college commitment as he has kept close to the Blue Devils.

Ament will be visiting Durham this fall and he might just have his future sealed. The high school talent unveiled how he feels about committing to the Blue Devil, via Rob Cassidy of Rivals.

“I’ve been talking to the coaches for a while now, so I’m looking forward to getting there and seeing it. I think it’s going to be an unofficial visit, but I just want to get there and get on campus,” he said. Nate Ament also revealed his goals for visiting the Duke basketball camps, “I just want to see how the players respond to the coaches and all that stuff. I want to see how they run the offense. They have a really free-moving offense. That’s important to me because I feel like I play best in that kind of offense.”

Will he land there with Cooper Flagg?