For Tim Duncan, this could be his last year. Better yet, he may have already played his last year.

Duncan exercised his $5.6 million dollar player option with the San Antonio Spurs which would put him into his 20th season. The catch is, he does not necessarily have to return to the NBA, and still hasn’t decided on whether he will want the grind of another long season.

Duncan had until the June 30th deadline to chose what he wanted to do with his player option, and since he decided to opt in, he has the rest of the summer to think about whether he really wants to come back or retire.

Tim Duncan
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Despite his numbers dropping in all categories, he remained an effective post defender, and was a huge part of the Spurs remaining #1 defensively the entire 2015-16 season.

For now his salary will count against the Spurs’ cap, but they will need to get creative to improve the team if they want to play for another championship. Duncan could likely make his final decision during free agency which starts on Friday July 1st.

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