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Dwight Grant looking forward to striking match against Francisco Trinaldo

Dwight Grant, Francisco Trinaldo

Dwight Grant is set to continue his good fortune at welterweight when he takes on Francisco Trinaldo at UFC Vegas 41. The matchup is a very exciting one between two fun strikers.

The fight wasn’t exactly on Dwight Grant’s radar since Francisco Trinaldo has spent the majority of his career at lightweight. The Brazilian has moved up though and he’s taking on Grant on short notice.

“I’m a fan of MMA,” Dwight Grant told ClutchPoints. “I’ve been watching MMA for a long time. So it’s slightly exciting heading into my fight against somebody that I recognize the name. I’m super excited because the first thing I think about is watching them on TV. I remember sitting in Brooklyn, at my Aunt’s house, watching a UFC, Strikeforce, Pride FC on a computer and always pretending that ‘Okay, I’m gonna fight this guy.’ I’m thinking about it. One day. Now I’m fighting the guys, so like, Alan Jouban, for example. Oh, yeah, I know this guy. I saw him on TV. I know this guy and then this guy, and this the guy. I’m like, Yeah, I remember seeing [Francisco Trinaldo] before. Yeah, I saw him fight on TV. I never thought I would fight him because he’s like, 155. I would never go that low. Yeah, but he’s up here. So it’s gonna be exciting for me.”

It’s an exciting fight that pits two men together that like to strike. We have seen it in multiple fights from both and the odds of seeing a takedown are slim.

“I used to fight at heavyweight in Muay Thai, which is like 200 pounds, and at middleweight MMA, and then I went down to welterweight and now I’m here,” Grant said. “So it’s like, I don’t really care about the weight differences too much, because I’ve been the small guy fighting big guys and because of that, I know what the worst parts of it is. Because it’s not about the person hitting too hard, or whatever it is, it’s about having to deal with the weight and the size of these people. I won all of my fights at middleweight, thank God, but I felt I felt the pressure. So I’ll be able to kind of transfer some of that into this fight. As far as speed is concerned, actually, I’ve trained with guys at 155 before and even 145ers, and I can keep pace with them. So it’s not a big deal. It’s just a matter of me going forward and do my game plan and better this guy. I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of striking which I like. So I’m looking forward to that.”

When two strikers meet the ending is usually an exciting one. Knockouts are much more common and the fight can be stopped at any moment.

Dwight Grant had promised a knockout in his last fight and he was frustrated it didn’t happen. Now he’s looking to right that ship.

“I see myself getting my hand raised by knockout because that’s what I go for every single time. And the last fight I had, I felt like I promised people a knockout and I was trying to get it so much. This one I still feel like this is kind of doubled up. I’m more excited about striking and I have so much new stuff. I really want to make an exciting performance to get people excited, but also so I can like move on to the next thing so when I ask for it it doesn’t seem crazy.”