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Dwight Howard is working on his mid-range jumper for next season

Dwight Howard

Videos around Facebook have shown Dwight Howard working on both his free throws and his mid-range jumper, two aspects of his game where D-12 has struggled immensely throughout his career.

During his horrific last season with the Houston Rockets, culminating in a 14-minute TV-aired intervention on TNT, Howard averaged near career lows in both points per game and rebounds per game.

Despite the Rockets not extending an offer for the dejected center, Howard secured a contract with his hometown franchise, the Atlanta Hawks, for three years and $70.5 million. He has expressed his desire to bring championship success to his new franchise, despite questions about his talent and mental fortitude.

After his glamorous 2012 NBA free agency tour, where Howard infamously left a desperate Lakers franchise for Houston, the 8-time NBA All-Star only had a couple offers that met reached his price point.

One of Howard’s numerous flaws has always been his inability to knock down shots outside of the restricted area. In a modern NBA that loves to stretch the floor instead of feeding the post, the 7-footer seems inept in fast-paced offense and has often looked out of place on the court with superstar shooting guard James Harden. In the video below, however, Howard seems to be knocking down his mid-range with ease:

For Hawks fans, however, this practice definitely doesn’t mean that Howard will come back as any better of a shooter, as both Magic and Rockets fans know from experience, no matter how much hours are put in practice. Many believe that Howard’s recent struggles have stemmed from problems with his mental fortitude and attitude on the court.

With Howard once again gaining a fresh start in his fourth career franchise home, many in the association expect more of the same struggles for the big man. The once premier NBA center will have to deal once again with being the franchise player, and his career trajectory, along with legacy, are on the line this upcoming season.

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