The ESPN Magazine Body Issue is a special feature section for dozens of nude and semi nude athletes to show off some of the best bodies in the world, but with poses that look great and also cover their private areas.

The issue also shows off the result of injuries and their effects such as athletes surgically repaired body parts.

The upcoming issue will feature NBA star Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. After turning down the shoot for seven years, Wade finally said yes, and told ESPN what got him to change his mind.

“It was uncharted water for me. It was one of those moments where it's good to overcome a fear of something,” Wade said.

“It's bigger than me showing my body off. That's not as important to me as telling a story of overcoming a fear. It hopefully gives someone confidence to really be their authentic self.”

Shaq took it upon himself to spoof Wade’s shoot by attaching his own head to Wade’s body and released the picture on his Twitter page.

Wade will be joined by a host of other athletes and the issue will release first online on July 6th.

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