Following the Miami Heat's Game 6 win over the Toronto Raptors to remain alive, Dwyane Wade inched one step closer to history.

While Goran Dragic was clearly the MVP of the night, Wade aided in the effort with 22 points, six rebounds, five assists and three blocks. In what is starting to look a little like déjà vu, the Heat will have the chance to come back from a 3-2 series deficit for the second consecutive round.

For those with short-term memory, Miami came back down 3-2 versus the Charlotte Hornets to win that series in the first round. If the Heat are able to finish the deed versus the Raptors on Sunday, it'll be Wade's 11th time he will have won a series after trailing—just one away from the NBA record.

When you look at that graphic, Wade is the only one of those five players that has ever been a star on his team. No other superstar in NBA history has won as many playoff series after trailing as Wade has.

While many may have thought the veteran shooting guard was done at the age of 34, he has looked completely revitalized in this year's playoffs. The 13-year veteran is averaging 21.8 points on 46.9 percent from the field and an eye-popping 52.6 percent from beyond the arc during the postseason.

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