DeAndre Hopkins' release from the Arizona Cardinals caused a massive stir in the NFL landscape. Many expected the star wide receiver to be traded, especially with Arizona entering a rebuild. However, it seems like the front office was not able to find a suitable deal for the former All-Pro receiver. Now, Hopkins enters the free agent market as the top dog, and teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are rumored to be frontrunners for the star WR.

The Eagles are building a true Super Bowl contender this season. Most of their big moves this offseason revolved around their defensive personnel. However, with a productive player like DeAndre Hopkins available, the Eagles would be foolish to not take a run at the star wide receiver. Let's talk about the reasons why Philly should go and sign D-Hop.

Eagles have the Cap Space and the Opportunity

One of the biggest advantages the Eagles have over their other DeAndre Hopkins rivals (Chiefs and Bills, to name a few) is their salary cap space. Despite making some critical signings and re-signings, Philly has just under $13 million in free money to spend, per Spotrac. In comparison, Kansas City has just $1.1 million, and Buffalo has $1.6 million.

It's worth noting that there are more teams in the NFL that have much more cap space than the Eagles. The Bears have the most cap space with over $32 million. Even teams like the Houston Texans (Hopkins' former team) and Detroit Lions have more wiggle room than Philly. However, the big difference here is the balance between getting paid and chasing a ring.

The Eagles are easily the favorites to come out of the NFC this season. Their high-flying offense remains largely unchanged (save for the departure of OC Shane Steichen). Their defense, despite losing some key pieces, still is a strong unit that has some intriguing young players. Hopkins would be joining a sure-fire Super Bowl contender while getting paid more than other teams will offer.

Hopkins, Smith, Brown. Who says no?

The Eagles already have one of the best wide receiver duos in the league in AJ Brown and Devonta Smith. Brown was traded to Philly last season, and his ability to go deep and win contested catches unlocked Jalen Hurts' full potential. Meanwhile, Smith became one of the most productive wide receivers in franchise history, recording a franchise-record 95 receptions last season.

It never hurts to add another talented wide receiver to the mix, especially if it's someone of DeAndre Hopkins' caliber. Whether it's him or Smith that slides down to WR3, the Eagles will have a receiving trio that rivals that of the Cincinnati Bengals. Those three would give opposing defenses fits all season long.

Hopkins could fill a role similar to Odell Beckham Jr when the latter joined the Rams. With the Eagles, Hopkins could be used more in the slot, with Brown and Smith stretching the field for him. The attention that the two latter receivers will get opens up opportunities for D-Hop to work his magic. His steady hands and elite route-running makes one of the best possible acquisitions for Philly.

There will undoubtedly be concerns about Hopkins potentially stepping on Smith and TE Dallas Goedert's toes. A D-Hop signing will mean less touches for all of the incumbent Eagles pass-catchers (and Hopkins himself, as he's used to being used as the WR1). However, if it's for the sake of winning a Super Bowl, that could be worth it. If Philly could get these three players to buy in on this vision, that would be great.

No time like today to go all-in

Complacency is an NFL team's worst nightmare. The Eagles did make it all the way to the Super Bowl, yes. Their core players on both sides are still on the roster. That is not a guarantee that they'll make it back to the final dance in 2023.

The San Francisco 49ers were perhaps just two healthy QBs away from making the NFCCG a competitive game. Even in their division, the Dallas Cowboys always lurk as a potential threat to the Eagles' dynasty. There's also the matter of up-and-coming teams that could potentially take one game off them in the playoffs. Squads like the Lions, the Bears, and the Seahawks have the ability to surprise teams that aren't ready.

All these teams are also on the younger side. They're only going to get better in the next few years, making the road to the Super Bowl harder. There's no better time to make an all-in move than now.