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Eagles QB Jalen Hurts flushes his turds, just like Kobe Bryant once said

Eagles, Jalen Hurts, Kobe Bryant

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts didn’t exactly have the best night on Monday as the team lost 41-21 to the Dallas Cowboys. Following the game, Hurts had a rather interesting analogy related to something that Kobe Bryant once said:

Keep in mind, the Eagles’ QB wasn’t even with them in 2017. But, he clearly listened to what Bryant said that day to the organization. It’s a logical way to look at things, however, as weird as it might sound. There’s no point in dwelling on what happened, it’s simply about moving on and looking ahead to Week 4.

Hurts completed 25 of 39 attempts for two touchdowns and 326 yards, but he was also sacked twice and threw two interceptions. All in all, though, it hasn’t been a bad year for the second-year player, possessing a 66% completion rate and throwing for five TD’s through three contests.

The Eagles have now lost two straight after the 49ers beat them in Week 2. Unfortunately, it won’t get any easier for Philly next weekend when they face Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, who are also slumping right now.

There are many things that Kobe Bryant has said in the past that will resonate with athletes across every sport but clearly, this one hits home with Jalen Hurts.