Even the change in who's calling the defense for the Philadelphia Eagles did not seem to provide great results on that end of the field. With Matt Patricia installed by Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni as the Eagles' new defensive play caller ahead of Week 15's matchup on Monday versus the Seattle Seahawks, there was an expectation that their stop unit would churn out a better result.

Instead, the Seahawks came out on top, 20-17, with backup quarterback Drew Lock and rookie wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba teaming up in the clutch to further expose the Eagles' defense. Philly's loss also gave way to a barrage of reactions on social media to Patricia.

“Just me waking up on this fine Tuesday morning and remembering that Matt Patricia put James Bradberry on an island with 33 seconds left when he had been getting cooked all night,” lamented Shane Haff of Bleeding Green after the Eagles' loss.

“I really don’t know what Matt Patricia is Doing is here. It’s 3rd and 10 and you leave Bradberry one on one? Who’s know as a bad man player? And you’re only rushing 4? I don’t get It,” Clay Harbor uttered on X.

“Eagles fans, we tried to warn you. Y'all got served up a Matt Patricia special last night,” stated X user @WorldofIsaac.

So far in the 2023 NFL regular season, the Eagles are just 26th in the league in scoring defense (24.4 points allowed per game) and only 28th against the pass (255.4 passing yards surrendered per contest).

Despite the embarrassing defeat to Seattle, the Eagles are still sticking with Patricia as the defensive play caller, as they prepare for their next game against the New York Giants at home in Week 16.