It's primetime. You're with your buddies, enjoying a close game. The San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers have exchanged punches like two worn out boxers giving it their all. The clock is ticking with the game's final seconds counting down like forever.

The home crowd is ready to erupt and your palms are getting sweaty. Josh Hart drives to the basket for the possible game-winner.

He gets closer. He takes off.

And…the game goes to a commercial break?

Yes, that really happened — like a cruel prank. However, it doesn't look like an established company such as ESPN would intentionally pull a nasty one on their audience. But what's done is done. Viewers were robbed and they want their money back, so to speak.

In what could be the most epic fail of the season, the ESPN broadcast fumbled big time on Wednesday night. One can only imagine the reactions from millions of viewers worldwide after the anticlimactic mistake.

It could have been worse, though. Thankfully for the media giant's broadcast, Hart failed to convert on the drive. The Lakers went on victorious after an extra session, 122-112. Those watching the game still got to witness all of Kyle Kuzma's 30 points and five rebounds, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope's 21 points, six rebounds, and six assists, and Channing Frye's out-of-nowhere performance with 19 points.