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Kwame Brown challenges Stephen A Smith to a fistfight… in Seattle!

ESPN, Stephen A Smith, Kwame Brown

Even ESPN personality Stephen A Smith isn’t safe from the reemergence of Kwame Brown on social media. For those unaware, the former No. 1 overall NBA Draft selection has been an absolute ripper the last day or so after Gilbert Arenas made some comments about him on his podcast.

Since those comments, Brown has become a bit of a social media icon, absolutely destroying anyone who happens to be in his line of sight. ESPN talking-head Stephen A Smith found this out the hard way.

“Police,” a well-meaning yet not understanding of how social media works person says, “I’d like to report an attempted murder via words. I think Kwame Brown just ended the life of ESPN personality Stephen A Smith via some few well chosen pieces of adjectives, verbs and nouns.”

Jokes aside, good on Brown. Honestly. That dude has been pooped on a whole bunch because Michael Jordan drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick. It’s not like Kwame was out there telling people he should be given millions of dollars to not be an All-Star or something.

At some point it is likely the Stephen A Smith will respond given his past Kwame Brown rants. Maybe on ESPN airwaves. Maybe not. It is unlikely, though, he’ll ever meet Kwame Brown on the battlegrounds of Seattle.