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ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter responds to criticism after controversial Bruce Allen email leaks

Adam Schefter, Bruce Allen

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, one of the most respected (and plugged in) NFL insiders in the game today, has seen his name dragged into the whole Jon Gruden/Bruce Allen scandal. This is after one of his emails to Allen 10 years ago was leaked to the public.

In the aforementioned email, Schefter sent an article to Allen, who was then the general manager of the Washington Football Team, to ask for his comments/approval before the piece was published by ESPN. Schefter received quite a ton of backlash for his actions, which some saw as an unnecessary and inappropriate step for a journalist.

Schefter has now broken his silence about the issue as he’s come out with an official statement to address the criticism (h/t ESPN on Twitter):

Adam Schefter apologized for his actions as he pointed out that it was a mistake from his end. The ESPN analyst also said that he accepts the criticism that has been brought about by his actions. Schefter makes it abundantly clear, however, that he had no intention to “cede editorial control” to Allen in any way.

It is also worth noting that Schefter’s statement was sanctioned by ESPN. He did not send the message from his personal account but via ESPN’s PR group. It’s clear that ESPN is fully behind Adam Schefter here as he emerges as one of the individuals that have been greatly affected by this ongoing email scandal.