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ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski thinks Nets would be championship contender if they land Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets have put themselves in a prime position to wind up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in this upcoming free-agency period, having shown their potential by making the playoffs this season.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, acquiring both of the aforementioned players would automatically propel this team into a championship contender, even with Durant’s injury posing a potential setback:

“It does,” Woj told ESPN’s Golic & Wingo on Tuesday (h/t Anthony Puccio of NetsDaily). “Look at the infrastructure in Brooklyn. Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, If you’re Kyrie Irving and you know you might miss some regular season games, might not play all 82, you got a point guard who can come in…

“You’ve got an infrastructure of young players, developing talent. You have a GM in Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson who have a real good track record in Brooklyn.”

The talent and culture is surely there, but Irving has battled a plethora of injuries in the last few years, making him less than an 82-game player (missed 15 or more games the last two seasons).

Durant could miss 8-12 months once his torn Achilles is confirmed, depending on the severity of the tear. If it is the latter, it’s likely Irving would have to go at it solo, with a capable but not exactly star-studded supporting cast around him.

Incorporating Durant into that equation, whenever that may be, would certainly help the Nets’ future title hopes, assuming he returns at least close to his prior form.