After agreeing to sign the very lucrative offer the Portland Trail Blazers extended to him last summer, Evan Turner has not quite lived up to the expectations set on him yet.

The 28-year-old Ohio State product has produced pedestrian numbers so far this season with averages of 8.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 24.6 minutes per game.

However, he was quick to admit that he has only gotten used to some of the sets the team runs recently and described how it's like for him adjusting to his new team. He also recalled the time when he made his decision to bring his talents to Oregon.

“I was just excited about the Trail Blazers and how they ended [last season], and obviously the money was great as well, so I thought it was a great mixture. I think the culture here is good and we’re going to keep getting better and better and hit our stride.”

“It’s just the comfortability here and I think sometimes I worry too much about stepping on toes. They have reassured me to play how I play and they will adjust. It’s always going to be a big adjustment getting the plays down. The pace of it [in the Western Conference] is crazy. The last couple of weeks I am fully getting our plays second nature to me, and once again now it’s just building the consistency.”

It certainly takes time to adjust to a new surrounding and teammates, but the Portland faithful are hoping he can speed up the process and play to his full potential. The longer his transition takes, the more doubters there will be especially since his four-year, $70 million contract is seen by many as overpaying for a player with his caliber.

If he does play better and show that he can co-exist with his new teammates, it will make the Blazers appear to even come out with a bargain when they signed Turner. Most importantly, he'll be able to contribute to a team that is hungry for more success and are looking to make a deeper run in the playoffs this season.