Ja Morant: Every known tattoo on the Grizzlies star's body
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Every known tattoo on Ja Morant’s body

Everyone’s eyes are on Memphis Grizzlies rookie sensation Ja Morant. His chances of nabbing the NBA Rookie of the Year is his to lose but is still constantly being challenged by New Orleans Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson

Like many top NBA players, Morant has a ton of interesting tattoos. Over the quarantine, Morant took a trip to the tattoo parlor, adding a ton of tattoos on his body, all of which are done by Martavious Williams.

“SC” and “GA” on his shoulder blades

These ones were an homage to South Carolina and Georgia where the young Grizzly grew up in the small, quiet town of Dalzell.

In a feature article by the Undefeated before the 2018 NBA draft, he was quoted saying: 

“It’s a very small town, the country, a lot of woods. But almost everybody around there know[s] each other.” He shares that it’s probably the same reason why he’s a “family person”. Witness to that statement are some of his tattoos.

“K” on the left hand

Written on Morant’s left hand is a beautiful and elegant script of his daughter’s initials. His daughter is named Kaari Jaidyn Morant and was born two-months premature so she had to stay in intensive care for her first few months. While of course, this may also be dedicated to his partner Kadre “KK” Dixon, keep in mind that this tattoo came during the quarantine. 

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When Kaari was discharged from the hospital, Ja Morant posted on his Instagram with the caption: 

“… daddy can’t wait for you to come home & @kkdixonn I don’t think I can say thank you enough. I’m blessed to have y’allT in my life. Y’all push me to go even harder. I love y’all.” 

“A lay-up” to his heart

This is likely an allusion to his self-proclaimed status as a “Point God’. In an interview with Chris B. Haynes, Morant explains that not only can he make shots for himself, he can also clear the floor space for his teammates. 

Psalm 118:14 on the right side of the chest

Little is known about Morant’s religion but safe to say he has added a Bible quote to his tattoo-collection. Just a few inches away from the lay-up tattoo is the Psalm 118:14 written in cursive. 

It reads: 

“The LORD is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.”

“M, B, N, O” on his abs

There has been no explanation yet what these letters mean or what they symbolize but they are one of the newer sets of tats in the young NBA star’s body. All these letters are all in solid red design over the lower part of his torso. Perhaps the explanations for those should be something we should watch out for in the coming season.

“OJF” on left shoulder “LLJ” on his right

These initials on his left shoulder have no clear reference yet but are just as interesting as his other tattoos.   

“TRAIN TO GO” on his right forearm

These are one of his older inks. While his wingspan and forearms are already embellished with mesmerizing designs, this one surely evokes Morant’s well-respected work-ethic. In his senior year, the now high-flying NBA prospect couldn’t even land a single dunk. His massive improvement proves that dedication and hard work gets you far.

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“Never Leave My Brother” on his left forearm

According to InkedNBA, this particular tattoo is something both Morant and his brother share.

Beneath No One” on his left arm

Many NBA players have tattoos dedicated to their families. For Ja Morant, this one pertains to his mother. While he has always been close to his family, reports say that he was more of a “mama’s boy”.

The quote is one of his mother’s favorite inspirational phrases. While this may have been inaccurate in his high school years, it’s obvious that the Grizzlies guard has definitely channeled its purpose as he slowly rose to the top of his college ranks and even now as one of the NBA’s most dominant rookies on the floor. 

These tattoos definitely prove that his heart for the game and for his family is huge enough as anyone else’s in the NBA.