Back in Evo 2019, Riot first announced Project L – one of the several games Riot Games announced that year as part of their celebration of League of Legends. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the game’s development and when the release date would be. Fast forward two years later, Riot finally revealed some gameplay for Project L alongside a few updates about their progress. Here's everything we know so far about Riot's Project L.

Assist-based Tag Team gameplay

Project L is a traditional 2D Fighting Game with its own unique twists that highlight the League of Legends flavor. It features an assist-based system that lets players take control of two characters simultaneously. We’ve already seen this type of gameplay in games like TEKKEN Tag Tournament. However, Project L is taking the tag-team action to another level by focusing on assist-based gameplay, utilizing a lot of tag-team elements that can potentially help players juggle in combos with two characters.

All the Confirmed Characters in Project L Roster So Far:

Riot’s most recent video showcased a handful of League of Legends champions. Their appearance in this showcase definitely confirms their appearance in the game. More follow up videos and blog posts also appeared eventually showcasing the different champions that will be part of Project L's launch roster. So far, the confirmed characters of Project L are as follows:

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  1. Jinx
  2. Ekko
  3. Darius
  4. Ahri
  5. Katarina
  6. Illaoi
  7. Garen
  8. Lucian
  9. Vi

Unlike in its original announcement in Evo 2019, Riot seemed to have embraced League of Legends' distinct art style. We see this in the more recent videos, with the characters being rendered in the sort of cel-shaded art style that League of Legends players know and love. Seeing these characters who we are used to seeing from the top-view in an entirely new vantage is a refreshing sight, but it would take some getting used to seeing these characters from the side. We’re definitely expecting more League of Legends champions to appear on the roster in the coming months, and a full roster will definitely be revealed prior to launch.

Project L Release Date: TBD

Riot still doesn’t have an exact release date for Project L. In their most recent update, Riot shared that they are already done with the game's core mechanics and are now focused on developing champions as well as other game features like competitive play and social systems. Riot also confirmed that the game will be free-to-play. Riot promised that we would hear from them again sometime in the second half of 2022. We're actually in that time now, and it's starting to feel that the game will eventually reveal itself in full very soon.