Jesse Garcia had a breakout role in Flamin' Hot — the upcoming biopic about a Frito-Lay janitor who created Flamin' Hot Cheetos — but he has another big role coming up: Leading Disney+'s remake of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad Day.

Speaking with ClutchPoints about Flamin' Hot, Garcia discussed the upcoming Alexander remake. I was under the impression that the film was still in production, so I was curious if the film was affected in any way by the ongoing WGA writers' strike, but Garcia was quick to note, “We finished it. We got it done.”

“We were able to get it done right as the strike was starting,” he noted.

Perhaps if you've seen the 2014 Alexander film with Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner, this isn't news to you, but this actually marks the second time that Garcia will be in one of these films.

“Fun fact, I was in the first one, so this was another version of the story because there [are] a bunch of different versions of the books. So I was in the very, very first one with Steve Carrell and Jennifer Gardner — I was the animal wrangler at the birthday party in that one, and so we found a fun way to tie my character in this current one into the last one. So it's like [a] fun Easter egg for when the movie comes out, how we were able to tie it in,” Garcia revealed.

Jesse Garcia has been working in Hollywood for decades, but this is his moment — something he noted in the full interview we did. He's done it all from appearing in The Avengers to working with Michael Bay on Ambulance to starring in a film with Jennifer Lopez in The Mother, but Flamin' Hot gives him his time in the spotlight. The Eva Longoria-directed film is great and a lot more than just the “Cheetos movie.” Hopefully, the Disney+ Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day film — which stars Flamin' Hot director Longoria — gives him another chance to shine.

Flamin' Hot will premiere on Disney+ and Hulu on June 9.