Racing in rainy conditions is the most dangerous thing that a Formula One driver has to do. They get practically no visibility and it becomes worse in notoriously hard circuits like Spa-Francorchamps. The Belgian Grand Prix has taken lives under these conditions like Dilano van't Hoff and Pierre Gasly's friend, Anthoine Hubert. This is why a lot of the F1 drivers are calling for its cancelation. These include the likes of George Russell, Charles Leclerc, and Fernando Alonso.

F1 Drivers call to cancel the Belgian Grand Prix

The leader of the F1 drivers association, George Russell, elaborated on why the Belgian Grand Prix along with its sprint race may cost them a lot, via Laurence Edmondson of ESPN.

“If you were to put a ranking of risk of all of the circuits, for sure Spa is one of the riskier circuits, along with Jeddah, along with Monaco, for example. Suzuka to a degree. It's very challenging. It's the visibility, we just have no visibility whatsoever. The way I describe it to try and give some perspective is driving down the motorway. But, in pouring rain and turning your windscreen wipers off,” the Mercedes driver said.

Ferrari star Charles Leclerc also echoes the same sentiment. He even pointed out the dangerous parts of the track. These were the ones that took away the lives of Dilano van't Hoff and Anthoine Hubert at the Belgian Grand Prix.

“I think there are some changes that could make a difference. The walls on the straight after Eau Rouge, we should have a bit more space on the left and right,” he said.

Even Fernando Alonso reminisced on the tragic events that happened at the Belgian Grand Prix.

“It's a bit unlucky as well in a way that it happens at Spa two times quite closely to each other,” he concluded.

Will the FIA cancel the Belgian Grand Prix?