Falcons news: Atlanta Twitter account finds joy Saints' loss to Rams
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Falcons’ Twitter account finds joy Saints’ loss to Rams


The NFC South will not have a team in the Super Bowl this year. However, it appears as though there is not a comradery-centered atmosphere going on among the NFC’s four southern-based teams — namely three in particular.

It is safe to say that both the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers are thrilled that the Los Angeles Rams managed to advance to Super Bowl LIII instead of the New Orleans Saints, who fell victim to quite the legendary blown call en route to defeat. While the franchises themselves cannot speak for everyone involved, it appears as though each franchise’s social media teams spoke loudly for their respective fan bases on Sunday evening.

Take a look at what the Falcons and Panthers had to say about the result of Sunday’s NFC title game. These two teams were so happy about the controversial outcome that a Saints loss made them come together as one — which, as you can see, rarely becomes the case in the cut-throat NFC South.

Despite both the Falcons and Panthers recently reaching Super Bowls themselves since the Saints last did back in 2009, New Orleans was able to capture a title while neither Atlanta nor Carolina were able to finish the job. While the Falcons became the center of just about every sports joke at the hands of the New England Patriots two years ago, the Panthers were unable to overcome Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos upon reaching the Super Bowl in 2016.

Safe to say the NFC South collectively can’t catch a break these days.