With Nike releasing new designs of jerseys for NBA teams, it has inspired one fan to come up with his own layouts. Instagram user Brian Begley designed some interesting jerseys that is based from the teams' old color schemes, as well as pop culture fads that were made famous in the city or state the team represents.

The jersey schemes have now become viral, as they have been made brilliantly, and very attractive to basketball fans around the world. Each one he’s made has at least 1,000 likes on Instagram, with the Oklahoma City Thunder’s having the most with more than 4,000.

Here are some of the designs Begley made:







While the ones Nike will be releasing are already official, these designs Begley made can arguably stand toe-to-toe with them. It also proves how much of an NBA fanatic he is as these work of art cannot be attained without passion.

Now with his work going viral, it may open doors for him in the future, and have the opportunity to be part of the design team for jersey releases in the coming years.