In this guide, we will be talking about all of Leviathan's Eikonic abilities, as well as how to unlock them in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)'s newest DLC: The Rising Tide.

How To Unlock Leviathan In FF16

Unlocking Leviathan in FF16 is pretty straightforward. For starters, players must have already bought and installed The Rising Tide DLC for FF16. Afterward, they must start the DLC, and make some progress in the story.

After a few quests, the player will be asked to “Cross the bay to Cape Nepto.” Go through the cutscenes, which will show Clive absorbing Leviathan's powers into himself as he has with all the previous Eikons. Afterward, there will be a combat sequence, which will serve as the tutorial for the Leviathan Eikon abilities.

FF16 Leviathan Abilities

Leviathan's main Eikonic ability, Serpent's Cry, transforms Clive's left arm into the sea serpent's head. Pressing the normal attack button (Square) while in this form will shoot single-target water bullets. Pressing the magic button (Triangle) on the other hand will shoot multiple water bullets in a line, hitting multiple enemies.

Every time the player fires, a water bullet, it will reduce the Tidal Gauge by a set amount, with the Triangle attack using up more of the bar. When the Tidal Gauge reaches 0% (or whenever the player feels like it), they can then press the Reload button to charge it to full.

Upon pressing Reload, a thick circle will appear, with another, thinner circle quickly shrinking toward the center. If the player presses the Reload button at the right time (when the circle overlaps the thick circle), the Gauge will instantly refill and will be infinite for some time.

A successful reload will make the Tidal Gauge unlimited for a time.

Mistiming the second Reload button press, or not pressing it at all, will just fill the Tidal Gauge to full.

A mistimed press (or no press) will just fill the Gauge to full.

Serpent's Cry takes 1,000 Ability Points to master.

Additionally, Leviathan has four other Eikonic Abilities:

Deluge: Launch a long-range rapid-fire salvo of water that is capable of severely knocking back smaller enemies

Deluge costs 210 Ability Points to upgrade, and an extra 1,000 to master. This ability has a 2/5 rating for its Damage and a 4/5 rating for its Will Damage.

Cross Swell: Create twin waves that rush inward, dragging smaller enemies to a central point before Clive.

Cross Swell costs 240 Ability Points to upgrade, and an extra 1,000 to master. This ability has a 2/5 rating for its Damage and a 2/5 rating as well for its Will Damage.

Abyssal Tear: Rip open a slowly expanding gateway to the murky depths of the sea, and when the timing is right, summon forth an abyssal storm that hones in on nearby enemies.

Abyssal Tear costs 150 Ability Points to unlock, an additional 250 to upgrade, and 1,000 more to master. This ability has a 3/5 rating for its Damage and a 2/5 rating for its Will Damage.

Tsunami: Conjure a whirling wave of titanic proportions to swallow up and spit out all enemies caught in the surf.

Tsunami costs 300 Ability Points to unlock, an additional 750 to upgrade, and a whopping 6,000 Ability Points to master. This ability has a 4/5 rating for its Damage and a 2/5 rating for its Will Damage.

Deluge and Abyssal Tear are Leviathan's main damaging abilities, while Cross Swell is a source of Crowd Control. Tsunami is Leviathan's strongest attack, and can easily take down multiple enemies at a time while also capable of Crowd Control.

A standard loadout would be Cross Swell for its Crowd Control, and Abyssal Tear as an additional damage source. Deluge is a good alternative for Abyssal Tear, however its downside is that it keeps you immobile. Tsunami is strong, but its long cooldown restricts how often players can use them.

That's it for our guide on all of Leviathan's Abilities and how to unlock them in the FF16 DLC The Rising Tide. Players can also unlock Ultima's powers in this DLC. The Rising Tide DLC is available either on its own or as part of the FFXVI Expansion pass. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.