Here's our guide on how to start The Rising Tide DLC in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16),  so that you too can start exploring Mysidia, as well as enjoy your brand new powers.

How To Start The FF16 Rising Tide DLC

There are two prerequisites for players to start The Rising Tide DLC. The first is pretty obvious, as the player must first own the DLC in question. The Rising Tide DLC is available either on its own or as part of the FFXVI Expansion pass. After purchasing the DLC, the player will then need to download and install it.

Once the DLC is installed, players must then meet the second requirement: they need to reach a certain part of the game's Main Scenario Quest. To be specific, they need to unlock the Back to Their Origin quest. Additionally, they must also have finished Where There's a Will, as well as Priceless.

Where There's a Will is a side-story quest centered around Joshua, which allows him to accompany Clive for the rest of the game. Priceless, on the other hand, is Jill's side-story, and finishing it will add Jill to your party as well.

Sadly, this means that players will need to be almost done before they can even start the quest. According to How Long To Beat, FF16 takes around 57 hours to finish if they do the Main and Side Quests. If you were expecting to be able to use the powers and weapons from this DLC to carry you through the game, you are in for disappointment.

After meeting the requirements, the player must then head back to the Hideaway, specifically Clive's room. Once there, they must read the unmarked missive on Clive's table. After the cutscene, the player will start the quest The Rising Tide, which will begin in Northreach.

Look for Leyla in Northreach, who will then point the player towards a campsite north of town. Explore the tent, then the boat, and finally the campfire. This will start another cutscene, where players will meet Shula. Shula will then guide the player to the boat, and The Rising Tide will officially begin.

Should You Play Echoes Of The Fallen First?

The Rising Tide is FF16's second DLC, coming out four months after Echoes of the Fallen. Both of the DLCs bring new questlines to the game, as well as new weapons, equipment, and, in The Rising Tide's case, new Eikonic powers. The question then becomes: which DLC should you play first?

From experience, it is better to first play the Echoes of the Fallen DLC before The Rising Tide. This is because prior to The Rising Tide, Echoes of the Fallen gave players the best possible equipment, in the form of the Omega Weapon, as well as various powerful armor and accessories.

This allows players to be at their most powerful before jumping into The Rising Tide. Of course, the moment players finish The Rising Tide, all of the equipment from Echoes of the Fallen will be replaced, except maybe the Accessories.

Power creep is normal in games like this. It's just funny that the first buyable Belt and Vambrace in The Rising Tide is better than the max upgraded Belt and Vambrace from Echoes of the Fallen.

That's our guide on how to start the FF16 The Rising Tide DLC. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.