2020 can be described as a year where gamers should be able to enjoy their experiences as they are forced to stay indoors to lessen the effects of the pandemic. Indeed there were titles that convinced us to stay indoors, but there are some that forced us to hangout in the hospital. Most of these games were marketed as pandemic satisfiers but instead turned out to be massive blunders. Be advised that not every game featured in this list is considered to be the worst as they have some redeeming qualities.

Here are our list of five of the most disappointing games of 2020.



With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, fans expect Marvel’s latest Avengers game to live up to its web slinging counterpart. But after seeing the trailers, the complaints started to rise. Initially, the character designs didn’t look as appealing as their cinematic counterparts and the game’s sound effects were keenly criticized. You’ll realize that Thor’s hammer smashing antics are similar to you grandmother hitting you with a frying pan.

Though these issues were addressed as the character designs improved, it still wasn’t able to fix its other flaws. The loot system was heavily panned for being disjointed and its gameplay specifically at the endgame can be repetitive. The game’s redeeming qualities stem from their storytelling.

Given its flaws, the game was considered to be Square’s attempt of capitalizing on the Marvel fanfare, a mistake that should never have blinded them after the release of Marvel flops namely Inhumans and Netflix’s Iron Fist. Marvel may be the biggest name in the entertainment industry, but that doesn’t mean that they can snap their fingers to erase every criticism and Square Enix should’ve known that from the start.



Fans of the RTS genre were perplexed to witness Blizzard’s decision to introduce StarCraft Remastered. Though the issues of the original version persisted as units stumbled while traversing terrains, the game was widely accepted. StarCraft will always be remembered for revolutionizing the esports scene, which explains their loyal fanbase. Given the game’s appeal, it made sense for the developers to modernize it.

Blizzard were hoping that the same results will apply with Warcraft III but unfortunately, the results backfired. Blizzard promised fully refurbished character designs, 4K resolutions, remastered campaigns, and improvements in their user interface and world editor. They were able to live up to these standards but there were some noted discrepancies. The character designs were brilliantly done but their animations were blatantly executed. The cutscenes from the campaign didn’t live up to their Blizzcon revelations. It didn’t even helped that their user interface improvements arrived late.

Things seem to spiral downward for Blizzard given their recent blunders which included the introduction of Brigette in Overwatch, their decision to ban Blitzchung in the competitive Hearthstone scene, and recently their D.Va bug.



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If gamers were left in awe with Resident Evil 2 remake, they were left disappointed with its sequel. Resident Evil 3 was a revolutionary piece of the PlayStation 1 due to the titular character, Nemesis. It even featured one of the best segments in the series where players solve puzzles inside a clocktower.

But in the end, gamers were left with a repetitive experience that just copied and pasted the second installment’s remake. Though there were interesting mechanics such as the dodge system, it still wasn’t enough to bring excitement. Nemesis who was once a frightening presence in the original version became a nuisance as his appearances are only limited in scenarios. They even eradicated the beloved clocktower segment as well as the mercenaries mode from the original game.

Though the game did manage to introduce an intriguing multiplayer segment in Resistance, it wasn’t enough to appeal to gamers. There were some missing features such as the alternative story arcs from the second installment’s remake.

This will definitely serve as a wakeup call for Capcom who must redeem themselves in their upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. Resident Evil 4 is considered to be the best game in the franchise and butchering the remade version will be a major blow on the series.



Being the first game to be announced for the PS5 may be a blessing, but it could also be a curse due to high expectations. The trailers reveal a lush and refreshing RPG setting, but the end result turned out to be flat. You could argue that Godfall feels like it borrowed elements from other hack-and-slash RPGs and it managed to keep that reputation alive as the game was widely criticized for the lack of revolutionary features. Not even its attractive loot based emphasis could salvage the game’s flawed story.

So far the only highlight stems from its graphics and design and basically that’s it. Everything else is a mediocre mess.

Capcom Spotlight March 2023

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Even though it was part of the initial announcements for the PS5, the product ended up being an enigma that’s stuck in the black hole.


Cyberpunk 2077

How the mighty have fallen. From Keanu Reeves appearing in trailers, to the amazing graphical details as seen from the trailers, and its futuristic dystopian setting that makes it feel like Blade Runner done in a video game, Cyberpunk had everything to begin with. The fact that it was also designed by the developers of The Witcher 3, further heightened the excitement from the community. The attention managed to create a marketing revolution to the point where it translated to a million sales in their first day, but it also was a curse as fans were left with extreme expectations. It even heightened when the game’s release was delayed to further enhance its qualities.

Instead what we received was an excruciating bugged experience. The game even received a lot of downfalls from their launch where refunds happened. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were considered to be unplayable, forcing developers to release numerous statements.

Even though these bugs can be addressed, it’s still a massive let down to a game that had potential to be an all time great.