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Former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie’s Resignation Letter Is Bizarre And Long

sam hinkie

When someone resigns from a position, it’s not that uncommon for them to write a resignation letter.

But how about a 13-page one? That’s what now-former 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie did, and not only was the resignation letter long, it was pretty weird.

The five strangest parts of the letter were as follows:

When Hinkie missed his BlackBerry:

“I still miss Blackberry’s keyboard, but the 2007 iPhone debut rendered it nearly obsolete to all but a few of us curmudgeons.”

When Hinkie talked about a random extinct bird species:

“New Zealand’s flightless bird the moa (measuring in at 10 ft, 400 lbs.) had the life tramping around the South Island for a great long run; then the first Maori explorers washed ashore in canoes, and that was that.”

When Hinkie asked to be contacted via Twitter:

“If you need to reach me – now or later – I am available at and I suspect someday soon on Twitter via @samhinkie.”

When Hinkie wished he had more draft picks despite breaking the unofficial record:

“In the first 26 months on the job, we added more than one draft pick (or pick swap) per month to our coffers. That’s more than 26 new picks or options to swap picks over and above the two per year the NBA allots each club. That’s not any official record, because no one keeps track of such records. But it is the most ever. And it’s not close. And we kick ourselves for not adding another handful.”

When Hinkie revealed his guilty pleasure:

“I hope this letter finds you well. I have been serving the Sixers at your pleasure for the past 34 months. Atul Gawande, a Surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, remains (from afar) one of my favorite reads. He laughs that reading scientific studies has long been a guilty pleasure. Reading investor letters has long been one of mine.”

These were just some of the weird references Hinkie had, others including Bill Belichick, Warren Buffet, and Abraham Lincoln.

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