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Formula 1 star Max Verstappen blasts Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff over Valtteri Bottas claim

Formula 1 Max verstappen Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Valtteri Bottas

After winning the Mexican Grand Prix, Max Verstappen, who leads the Formula 1 driver’s championship, blasts Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton over blaming Valtteri Bottas on Mercedes’ loss in Mexico.

Despite securing a pole position prior to the race, Valtteri Bottas lost his lead early on in turn one, allowing Max Verstappen to overtake and finish the race with a win. Wolf, in particular, seems to be unhappy with Verstappen’s overtake, suggesting the Bottas himself could have done something to prevent the dutchman’s tremendous move.

Via Express UK

“I think we had two cars in front and seemed to open up the seal for Max to come around the outside.”

“That should not happen.” the Formula 1 boss told Sky Sports.

Meanwhile, Hamilton echoes Wolff’s sentiments, stressing that Verstappen was given a window to overtake.

“I was covering my side of the track making sure that no one could come up the inside so was trying to keep whichever Red Bull I could see in my mirror behind.”

“I thought Valtteri would be doing the same but he left the door open for Max.”

On the contrary, Verstappen blasts Wolff’s comment, saying that it was ‘cheap’.

“You have to leave a car width of space, otherwise he would have got a penalty. I don’t really know what Toto is talking about. You can very easily blame it on Valtteri, but I think that’s very cheap.”

With just four races to go, Verstappen is ahead of Hamilton by 19 points as fans anticipate a cardiac finish to one of the best seasons in Formula 1 history.