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Fortnite Crew will be getting a Loki skin this July, Epic Games teases

Fortnite Crew Pack for July features Loki

Fortnite Crew returns once again in July, as a new month always brings its new package. This July, we’re getting a mischievous collaboration once again with MARVEL and Disney.

This isn’t the first time Epic Games and MARVEL collaborated with each other. In fact, these two enjoy a very close partnership. From crossover events to movie easter eggs, it’s undeniable that both recognize the reach they generate when teaming up together. Hence, this July’s Fortnite Crew pack collaboration won’t be any different.

Loki finally got his own series in Disney+. Considering that Fortnite is one of the world’s biggest video games out there, introducing Loki into the game is a perfect way for MARVEL to advertise their series. At the same time, this could attract more players to have at it on Fortnite

In a recent tweet from the Fortnite Twitter account, Epic Games teased the July Monthly Crew Pack. It was pretty much a dead giveaway when they put elements such as the Avengers logo and Loki’s signature golden horns, not to mention the use of the term “trickster” in their tweet. Prior to the recent teaser, Loki already made subtle appearances in the game. The featured characters in a certain loading screen included a silhouette of Loki. There, we see a portal that Mecha Cuddle Master used in order to return to the island. It was this specific portal that Loki used to sneak his way into the island. 

Not everyone happy with the Fortnite Monthly Crew Collaboration

While some people from the community felt excited about this MARVEL collab, there are also those who think otherwise. There have been complaints about Fortnite always coming up with collab skins and are now questioning if the team has finally run out of ideas to come up with an original. Others have also expressed disappointment because they think Epic doesn’t listen to fans’ requests.

However, the majority were expecting to see The Foundation finally make its way into the game as a playable skin. Honestly speaking, players shouldn’t worry about The Foundation not being the upcoming month’s featured Crew Pack skin since he is a storyline character and his outfit can be found in the game’s files. In one way or another, we’ll eventually be able to pay tribute to The Foundation’s sacrifice made in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

In any case, all of these complaints can be found in replies to Fortnite‘s teaser post about Loki.

On the brighter side of things, having Loki coming to the game isn’t such a bad idea. This season’s theme is all about an alien invasion. Loki has dealt with numerous wars over the course of his life and if you think about it, the island is in the midst of a galactic war and having him by our side makes so much sense since we can consider him a space war veteran.

The only rewards confirmed for players who’ll be purchasing the upcoming Fortnite Month Crew Pack are Loki and 1,000 V-Bucks. Epic Games will reveal the rest at a later date.