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MCU and Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner with Daniel Craig with Knives Out 3 (Wake Up Dead Man) logo.
Knives Out 3 adds Hawkeye star Jeremy RennerAndrew Korpan ·
Brie Larson’s heartwarming superhero gestureAndrew Korpan ·
Brie Larson normal next to MCU superhero Captain Marvel with Marvel Studios logo.
Exploring X-Men ’97’s Decision to Fire Beloved Showrunner Beau DeMayoBurtland Dixon ·
Beau DeMayo, X-Men '97, Marvel
Luke Cage star gives disappointing update on MCU returnKevin Billings ·
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MCU Vision series gets massive announcement with Star Trek: Picard EPAndrew Korpan ·
MCU Vision with Paul Bettany who will star in Disney+ series from Star Trek Picard executive producer Terry Matalas.
Deadpool and Wolverine gets funny NSFW official synopsisAndrew Korpan ·
Stars of MCU film Deadpool and Wolverine Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds with Shawn Levy.
Ryan Reynolds addresses Taylor Swift-Deadpool 3 rumors with Elvis twistAndrew Korpan ·
Ryan Reynolds with Taylor Swift and Deadpool 3 (Deadpool and Wolverine) poster.
The real reason Kraven the Hunter was delayed to DecemberAndrew Korpan ·
Aaron Taylor-Johnson with Sony Spider-man Universe film Kraven the Hunter poster and movie theater background.
Marvel executive drops exciting update on Nova’s MCU statusKevin Billings ·
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Venom: The Last Dance gets ‘huge’ tease from Sony executiveKevin Billings ·
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