A prominent Fortnite leaker has recently unveiled details about a new feature called the “Billboard” expected to enhance the Item Shop experience by early May. The announcement coincides with an upcoming Fortnite update, scheduled for April 23, which promises to introduce several new gameplay elements and cosmetic updates.

Testing, Timers, And Tier Adjustments In Fortnite's Item Shop

The leaker, known as Hypex on X, formerly known as Twitter, indicated that the Billboard feature is under testing as part of Fortnite's forthcoming collaboration with Star Wars, set to launch in early May. However, this feature might be previewed as soon as the April 23 update, allowing players to see its functionality before the official release date of May 3. Hypex also provided a glimpse into what the Billboards might look like, suggesting they could occupy a significant portion of the Item Shop's display area to prominently feature new items or special bundles.

In addition to the Billboard feature, Epic Games has confirmed the introduction of a countdown timer for all items in the Item Shop. This timer will offer players precise information on when each cosmetic item will be removed from the shop, aiming to enhance the shopping experience by providing clearer, real-time updates. This change is part of a broader plan to roll out improvements throughout May.

These updates are not without controversy, however. Recently, Epic Games decided to remove the tier system that denoted the rarity of cosmetic items in both the Shop and Locker. This change has sparked discussions within the community, as it alters the traditional way players have interacted with cosmetic items.

Star Wars Collaboration And Exciting New Updates In Fortnite

Furthermore, the Star Wars collaboration starting May 3 is anticipated to prominently feature the Rebel Leia Organa Outfit, which will likely be showcased through the new Billboard system. This tie-in event is just one example of how Epic Games uses collaborations to keep the game fresh and engaging for its players.

The April 23 update itself is packed with features beyond the Item Shop enhancements. Hypex has teased the return of the Tactical AR, new LEGO edit styles, and the launch of Fortnite Festival's Season 3. Additionally, the update will introduce a new Icon series artist, adding another layer of excitement and content for players to explore.

Interestingly, Hypex also hinted at the future introduction of weapon charms in Fortnite. This speculation comes after Epic Games removed all references to weapon charms from the game's files, a peculiar move as the company typically does not erase traces of cosmetic types that it plans to scrap completely.

Stay tuned as more details emerge about the upcoming changes to Fortnite. Whether it's the new Billboard feature or the next big collaboration, Fortnite seems set to continue its pattern of innovation and excitement, keeping players invested and returning for more.

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