FUT Esports eliminated Dragon Ranger Gaming from the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai (2024 VCT Masters Shanghai) after winning their match in the second round of the Swiss stage of the tournament.

The EMEA representatives showed the home crowd team out the door after FUT successfully swept Dragon Ranger Gaming in their best-of-three series.

First, FUT prevented Dragon Ranger Gaming from performing a comeback in Bind, taking the first game 13-10. After that, FUT outlasted Dragon Ranger Gaming in Ascent, taking the dub in overtime 14-12.

During this series, Mehmet “cNed” İpek led his team with his 46 kills and 12 assists with a 269 average combat score (ACS). He is then followed by Doğukan “qRaxs” Balaban who had 44 kills and 26 assists, Furkan “MrFaliN” Yeğen with 38 kills and 16 assists, Eray “yetujey” Budak with 31 kills and 11 assists, and Ata “ATA KAPTAN” Tan with 21 kills and 26 assists.

Meanwhile, despite their loss, the trio of Chen “TvirusLuke” Chen-ching, Tang “nizhaoTZH” Zhehao, and Ilya “vo0kashu” Ushakov had fantastic outings as they each recorded above 240 ACSs and reached the 40-kill mark. To sum it up, TvirusLuke had 42 kills with 268 ACS, NizhaoTZH had 45 kills with 261 ACS, and Vo0kashu had 41 kills with 241 ACS.

Having played two Chinese teams already in Masters Shanghai, the other one being FunPlus Phoenix to which they lost in the first round, CNed acknowledged the individual prowess of the players from Chinese teams.

In the post-match interview, he states, “[Chinese teams] most likely depend and count [on] their individual [players], and [these individual players are] very good.”

FUT Esports Kicks Dragon Ranger Gaming in Bind

FUT kicked Dragon Ranger Gaming in Bind, 13-10, to secure a 1-0 series lead in their matchup.

To start the game, FUT won the first six rounds straight before Dragon Ranger Gaming found their first round on the board in the seventh round. Eventually, the first half would end 8-4 in favor of FUT Esports.

In the second half, Dragon Ranger Gaming almost had a comeback which started by winning the second pistol round which was eventually converted into a three-round win streak. After FUT answered back with a four-round win streak of their own in the second half, Dragon Ranger Gaming had another three-round win streak before FUT eventually closed the game in the 23rd round.

Despite being on the losing side, Dragon Ranger Gaming's TvirusLuke was on top of the scoreboard. He finished the game with a 312 ACS on a 23/19/3 KDA.

FUT Finishes Dragon Ranger Gaming in Sunset

After winning on Bind, FUT finished the job as they won their bout against Dragon Ranger Gaming 14-12 in Ascent.

Just like in Bind, FUT once again won the first six rounds of the first half, Unlike in Bind, however, the first half ended 7-5 as Dragon Ranger Gaming was simply not flustered by their earlier defeat.

In the second half, the game saw a scrappy, all-out battle in which both teams never backed out. Despite reaching the map point, FUT lost the 24th round to Dragon Ranger Gaming which forced overtime to happen.

Eventually, FUT esports won both of the rounds in overtime, thus sending their goodbyes to Dragon Ranger Gaming in Masters Shanghai.

Dragon Ranger Gaming Says Goodbye to Masters Shanghai

After losing this series, Dragon Ranger Gaming sadly exits the tournament as the first home crowd team to go home.

As for FUT, their next match will be against Leviatan. A match that will feature two former VALORANT Champions winners: CNed being part of the Champions 2021 Acend roster versus Leviatan's Erick “aspas” Santos who was part of the LOUD roster that won Champions 2022.

If you want to watch all the competitive VALORANT action happening in the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Shanghai, you can watch all the matches on the official VALORANT Twitch channel. Additionally, you can also view replays and other Masters Shanghai content at the official VALORANT Champions Tour YouTube channel.

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