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Genshin Impact Guides: Hydro Hypostasis Boss Fight

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At long last, the final piece of the family has arrived – the Hydro Hypostasis. This new field boss appeared in Genshin Impact 2.1 and is probably one of the easier fights among the family of Hypostases. However, the boss is still not a pushover, and not having the right elements might mean lacking the finishing blow needed to end the fight. This Hydro menace drops the Dew of Repudiation (among other materials), which is required to ascend the upcoming 5-star character, Sangonomiya Kokomi. This guide will teach you how to easily beat this boss, from the preparation, up until the finishing blow.

Where to find the Hydro Hypostasis in Inazuma

The Hydro Hypostasis can be found near Suigetsu Pool of Watatsumi Island, though getting there may not be as obvious as it seems. The actual arena is located deep below the shores, and players will need to navigate to the underground entrance, located northeast of the inner edge of the island. Once players arrive at their destination, they will encounter a gigantic subterranean cave, where the Hydro Hypostasis dwells.

Hydro Hypostasis Boss Fight Guide

A lot of elements are effective at dealing with Hydro Hypostasis, though some elements are better than others. Cryo is the most effective, followed by Pyro, then Electro, Geo, and Anemo. Pure Elemental or Physical damage, which means not relying on reactions, can be used to deal HP damage to the boss. This, however, might leave you unable to finish the boss during its revival mechanic. Also keep in mind that Hydro characters are completely ineffective during any phase of the fight, due to the boss’s immunity to Hydro damage.

Ranged characters like Ganyu, Yoimiya, and Yanfei, easily trivialize the battle thanks to their range and ease of use. Characters with low-cooldown abilities, like Bennett and Ayaka, are also ideal to use because of the boss’s frequent but brief windows of vulnerability. Shielders like Zhongli and Diona are also great in general, mainly for mitigating damage and making the ordeal a lot more comfortable. If you still have difficulty beating this boss, using consumables might be worth it, especially the damage-enhancing food and resistance potions.

The whole fight is simple and straightforward. Similar to the other Hypostases, the boss has a revival mechanic, which needs to be taken care of in order to end the fight. It’s also relatively agile, though it exposes its core a lot and for a brief time, making the players weave in and out throughout the fight. The boss has a multitude of AoE Hydro attacks, which players will need to avoid. Its attacks are as follows:

Hydro Hypostasis Attacks

Slime Support – The boss summons two miniature, shielded slimes that support the boss in different ways. The dark blue slime constantly approaches the player, and explodes when it comes into contact. The lighter blue slime with the halo sends healing orbs towards the boss and heals it.  Players can intercept the healing orbs and heal themselves instead.

Dolphin Dive – The boss dives into the ground, then reappears into a group of dolphins that dive towards the player. Run towards the boss to avoid this attack. 

Tornado Torrent – The boss turns into a Hydro tornado, dealing damage along its path. Additionally, indicators will appear at the player’s location, where rain will appear and deal damage. Simply run away from the tornado and the indicators to avoid damage.

Bubble Attack – The boss twists and turns, then dives into the ground, dealing damage. After this, blue circles will appear on the ground where damaging bubbles will appear. Try to navigate your way around the arena in order to avoid damage from the bubbles.

Rolling Tsunami – The boss summons multiple rolling waves of water from the edge of the arena, closing in towards the center. There will be gaps between the waves, where players have to pass through to avoid taking damage.

Dolphin Disco – The boss’s core appears on top of a summoning circle on the ground, and starts to continuously summon diving dolphins around it, dealing damage. Players can choose to avoid this attack, but this is a prime opportunity to deal damage since the core is exposed.

Manta Slam – The boss transforms into a manta ray, and slams the ground near the player, dealing Hydro damage. Quickly dash away to avoid this attack.

How to beat Hydro Hypostasis Boss in Genshin Impact

When the boss reaches very low HP, the revival mechanic will begin. The Hydro Hypostasis will summon three slimes at the edge of the arena, and will regenerate the boss’s HP after they come in contact with the boss. Defeating the three slimes will end the fight, so having the right elements is essential to finish the battle. Slimes that are defeated will not appear in the next revival phase, so it’s still possible to finish the fight as long as the player is able to defeat at least one slime every time.

The Hydro Hypostasis is an easy fight that players won’t have to worry too much about. Since Kokomi is about to arrive after Raiden Shogun’s banner, farming this boss is a good idea to prepare her Ascension Materials beforehand. With the right strategy and team to make the fight easier, the Hypostasis battle will be over in a blink of an eye.