With the arrival of Oklahoma and Texas in 2024, the SEC is set for a new football schedule as the conference expands to 16 teams. Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart can't be bothered with the schedule debate any longer.

“Most overrated conversation there ever was. It's not that big a deal to me,” Smart said.

The debate revolves around sticking to an eight-game conference schedule with one permanent rival and seven rotating opponents, or a nine-game schedule with three permanent games and six rotating for each team. Reports are that the future SEC football schedule will be determined during conference meetings this week.

It's not shocking to see a coach as prolific and successful as Smart take a knock at a debate about who should play who in the SEC. With a team as talented as Smart has assembled at Georgia, it's no surprise that the two-time National Champion head coach could care less about who his team plays.

Georgia football has dominated the SEC for the majority of Smart's tenure as head coach. During Smart's seven years in charge, Georgia is 81-15 overall and 48-9 in the SEC. The Bulldogs have gone undefeated in conference play each of the last two seasons.

Though we know Kirby Smart doesn't care, surely some SEC fans won't like the outcome if some of the conference's biggest rivalries are ended if it decides to stick with an eight-game schedule. The nine-game schedule seems to make the most sense, which should keep a smile on football fans' faces in the South should it be approved.