Giants news: Daniel Jones not paying attention to boos
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Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones not paying attention to the boo birds

Daniel Jones

Honestly, the criticism of Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones this offseason has been a  little over the top.

But if you are thinking Jones is going to use every slight as extra motivation and have a long memory when it comes to delivering payback whenever his time comes, think again. He is far from Baker Mayfield.

“I’d certainly say I’m a competitor and all those things, but I’m not sure I’m going to internalize it or really see it that way,” Jones said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Over this period of time, I’ve certainly had a lot of people bringing it up. I just feel fortunate to be in this position.”

That certainly wasn’t the most entertaining answer, but it’s one of the reasons Giants general manager Dave Gettleman fell in love with Jones: He has the Eli Manning-like calm where he doesn’t let his emotions out in the open. All Jones would do is acknowledge he is aware his pick is unpopular with some fans and his skills have been questioned by many NFL analysts.

Giants coach Pat Shurmur almost inadvertently set up a quarterback controversy last week when he said Jones is on track to be ready to play Week 1, leaving the door open for the rookie to play right away. Jones helped extinguish the flames.

He did say that “everyone on our team is trying to prove” they deserve a spot in the lineup regardless of what outside noise is accompanying that effort.