The New York Giants offensive line has struggled so far this season, but Eli Manning doesn't think they are the only ones to blame. Four of the five starters have been replaced from last year's team, and Ereck Flowers moved from left to right tackle, and the only thing that has resulted in is Eli Manning getting sacked eight times and the team only having one touchdown through the air.

Manning isn't ready to throw his line under the bus yet and thinks that it is a combination of stuff that is causing the offense to struggle.

“Combination of stuff,” Manning said, via the New York Post. “There was nothing that we didn’t have an answer for. Enough things might mess up a little bit, it’s a combination of everybody, it’s not just the offensive line. When sacks are happening obviously the offensive line gets blamed most of the time but that’s not necessarily the case. You got running backs, you got quarterbacks, you got receivers, everybody plays a part in that.”

Although it is true that the offense needs to work as a unit to succeed there is no question that the biggest issue is the offensive line. Manning has had no time to get the ball to his playmakers which have resulted in the team not being able to move the ball.

If the Giants want to turn around this season, it starts with the offensive line and if there are no changes made it could be a very long season in New York.