The San Francisco Giants are desperate for wins, as they continue to fight for a spot in the MLB playoffs. However, they are not doing themselves any favors by losing a bunch of their recent outings, including Wednesday night's meeting with the Arizona Diamondbacks. San Francisco manager Gabe Kapler certainly knows the direness of the situation of his team, especially after the 7-1 loss to the D'backs.

“These were must-win games and, going back several games, those were also must-win games,” Kapler said following the game, per the Associated Press (h/t ESPN). “Now, the math is not on our side. Every game is one we have to win.”

The 76-76 Giants no longer have a shot at winning the National League West division with the Los Angeles Dodgers already officially clinching it. If they are to reach the playoffs, it will have to be via the Wild Card route. However, San Francisco is now three games behind the last spot in the Wild Card picture in the NL that is currently in the hands of the Chicago Cubs.  The prospect of making a strong run to end the regular season isn't looking high for the Giants either, considering the fact that seven of their last nine games will be against the mighty Dodgers.

Their recent losses simply hurt the Giants' playoff odds. They got swept by the Colorado Rockies in a three-game set on the road last week before dropping both games in the Diamondbacks series.

The Giants have made the postseason just once since 2017.