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Giants’ chances of Jimmy Garoppolo trade, revealed

Giants, Daniel Jones, 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo

As the San Francisco 49ers search for a Jimmy Garoppolo trade, one of their potential avenues has been closed off. The New York Giants do not seem like a potential landing spot for the 30-year-old.

Although Garopplo’s agents seem interested in Jimmy G landing in New York, the feeling is not mutual. ESPN’s Jordan Ranaan said on the Breaking Big Blue podcast (at the 4:22 mark) that the Giants have no plans to trade for the 49ers’ veteran QB.

“I’ve spoken to people within the organization…The Giants are not getting Jimmy Garoppolo,” Raanan said. “Tell me how that makes sense for the New York Giants?… Are they trying to win this year? Is he their future franchise quarterback? Do they have the money? Why would they give up assets? This is a rebuilding team. So, you put all that together and I don’t see how it’s even realistic.”

The Giants refusing to trade for Garoppolo makes sense. Although he may be an upgrade over Daniel Jones, his contract is massive and giving up any draft picks for a marginal upgrade is not a worthwhile move on a team that most likely won’t even sniff the playoffs. Perhaps a trade would make some sense if the 49ers include draft picks to offload Garoppolo’s deal, but it does not seem like a route San Francisco wishes to entertain.

New York is better off riding through this season with Jones and going for someone like Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in the 2023 NFL Draft. Although their roster has been upgraded at key spots, they are still in the midst of a rebuild.