Giants news: Saquon Barkley claims he's not hurt, has to play better
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Giants RB Saquon Barkley claims he’s not hurt, has to play better

It’s been two months since New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley suffered a high ankle sprain and the production has not been the same. Barkley has had five straight games where he rushed for less than 75 yards and it has made some question if he is still injured.

Barkley has heard the chatter and wants to make it very clear that he is healthy, and the lack of production has nothing to do with an injury.

“Did I look hurt?” Barkley asked rhetorically via the New York Post. “No. So let’s stop making an excuse that I’m hurt. I’m not hurt! Let’s stop making an excuse I’m not 100 percent. Nobody is 100 percent.”

Barkley wasn’t ready to put the blame on anyone else but did say that he isn’t doing anything different from his rookie year when he had a lot of success.

“I can pull up multiple clips where you can look back and see I’m doing the same thing that I did in college or that I did my [rookie] year,” Barkley said. “The season is not going the way I’d like it. I’m not going to put blame on anyone else. You have to point fingers at yourself first.

“I have to be better. I’m going to keep working. I put in my notes today: ‘The great ones figure it out.’ And I want to be great. I’m going to figure it out.”

Even though Barkley doesn’t want to point fingers there could be a lot of reasons for the struggles. The Giants have had issues passing the ball so teams can stack the box even more than they have in the past, and the offensive line isn’t playing up to expectations.

No matter the reason, hopefully, Barkley can figure it out before the season ends so there can be some confidence going forward.