Giants news: Saquon Barkley is 'still the best' RB in the NFL says, Brandon Jacobs
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Saquon Barkley is ‘still the best’ RB in the NFL, says Brandon Jacobs

Giants, Saquon Barkley, Brandon Jacobs

The New York Giants are having another terrible season. Saquon Barkley is still doing everything he can to try and salvage the season with little success.

Former Giants runningback Bradon Jacobs is still putting his trust in Barkley’s incredible ability to run the football. Jacobs made an appearance on Jake Brown’s podcast, Jake Brown Radio, and made a show of support to the current Giants running back.

He showered the Penn State product with the highest praise.

“Saquon Barkley is a generational talent. Guys like him do not come around that much and when you see a guy like him, I don’t care what you need on your team. If you don’t need running back and he’s available, a guy like him’s available, you got to take him.

“Guy is absolutely the most talented person that I’ve seen and I’d give him the best running back in the NFL easy… I’m talking about easy.”

Considering what Barkley has done for the Giants so far in his career, it’s understandable why Jacobs gave him such high praise. However, Giants Wire’s John Fennelly reminded everyone that he hasn’t performed to the levels expected of him after suffering a high ankle sprain earlier in the season.

Through eight games, he’s only gotten 461 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. It’s been noticeable to everyone that he’s struggling to put on the electrifying performances that captivated the entire Giants fanbase last season.

Given how the season has gone for the Giants, it may be a good option for them to deactivate Barkley and allow him to rest his body. After all, a healthy Saquon is more important for them than success this season.