God of War Ragnarok is getting its New Game +, a feature that fans of the game have been asking for for a while.

Santa Monica Studio, the developers behind God of War Ragnarok, announced on their Twitter account that New Game + is coming to the game. They mentioned that many players have been asking for it. As such, they confirmed that it will be coming. As for when New Game Plus would arrive, they only gave a vague Spring 2023 release date. That puts the release window between March and June. Other than the vague release date, Santa Monica Studio did not give out any more details. They did say, however, that more details about it will come out as the release date comes closer. However, we can still somewhat guess already what it may have.

The previous God of War game also had New Game +, so we can somewhat guess what Ragnarok will get. For starters, the game will be more difficult, which is understandable as you keep your entire inventory. This includes armor, gear, enchantments, and currency. The player will also most likely keep their level, so an increase in difficulty will definitely arrive. Other than that, we can also expect them to change enemy attack patterns. This will help keep players on their toes, as the new attack patterns could surprise them. Players will have to get used to fighting the game's various enemies again.

Players will also most likely get access to even stronger equipment. Gear from the first playthrough may not be strong enough anymore, so players will need to make or find new ones. Since materials carry over, players will have a slightly easier time making the upgraded equipment. Players will also most likely have access to even stronger enchantments. All of this will help in getting the player through their second playthrough of the game.

That's all of the information we have on God of War Ragnarok's upcoming New Game +. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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