Recently, we found out that not everyone knows what a meme is. Or a frog for that matter.

In a hilarious attempt to put an emphasis on the Crying Jordan and where it belongs in the ranks of what’s hot in today’s culture, Good Morning America decided to post a comparison on Twitter to get a feel on where it stood out. The result was a puzzling one.

Good Morning America tweeted out a 4-part picture of LeBron James crying after winning in Game 7, the Crying Jordan, Kermit the frog sipping tea, and Jim Carrey’s the Mask character from the movie the Mask.

What was so odd about this is their hashtags and referring to the pictures as memes, although none of them are.

The hashtags referred to Kermit sipping tea as a tea lizard (seriously, who doesn’t know who Kermit the frog is?), and the Mask character famously known for saying ‘smokin,' was instead tagged as ‘smockin’.

Of course the internet would never let anyone get away with butchering some of its golden tools, so lets see a few tweet responses to the unintentional comedy Good Morning America presented.

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