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Goran Dragic’s hilarious response to someone asking him will he have more dunks than Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat star point guard Goran Dragic does a lot of things great. Dragic is a good shooter, great distributor and is a very smart player on the court. However, one thing he does not do well is dunk.

In his nine-year NBA career, he has only 41 dunks, and in the last NBA season, he has actually had none. However, one Twitter user actually asked Dragic about something connected to the flashiest play in basketball.

The Twitter user by the name of Irfaan Hafeez asked Dragic will he have more dunks than his former teammate, Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade. Dragic has actually responded, and he did so in a hilarious way.

In addition to his response, Dragic also added a clip of him actually not being able to jump high enough for a dunk.

While Dragic was never a consistent dunker, Wade used to throw down emphatically. The 12-time All-Star made 1,060 dunks in his career, but with age catching up, the number has dropped off substantially.

Nowadays, a dunk by Wade is a cause for mass hysteria on Twitter, and many funny responses to the dunk, usually calling for a medic to come to the court. “Father Prime” is now entering his 15th season in the league. That illustrious career has taken a toll on his athleticism, but Wade has shown in recent postseason appearances that he can turn back the clock.