Greg Anthony sees Michael Jordan in Russell Westbrook and not LeBron James
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Greg Anthony sees Michael Jordan in Russell Westbrook and not LeBron James

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Michael Jordan and Greg Anthony both believe that Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is the closest thing to His Airness, instead of LeBron James.

Jordan and Westbrook are the same in some ways. They are ball dominant players that can put up points in a hurry, can defend their position extremely well, complete athletes that can run, jump, and dunk like crazy, and can will their teams with almost the same amount of fire.

But their is one big difference that can be pointed out.

When we look at great NBA players, we often judge them based on their ability to win championships, and sometimes, the lack of thereof. Westbrook has made the NBA Finals once, in 2012. When Jordan was entering his 9th season, he’s had two titles, and was on the verge of his 3rd.

Maybe with an offense more catered to him, Russell Westbrook can take the next step, and carry his team back to the finals. But we all know it’s easier said that done in the “wild wild West”.

We shouldn’t compare players and eras in the NBA, because each player and era is different. But Jordan, Westbrook, and even LeBron James are different players with different skill sets. However, there are many similarities that can be taken into account as well.

See the entirety of Greg Anthony’s interview below.

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