The Memphis Grizzlies have built one of the most well-known reputations in the NBA in recent history. As one of the toughest defensive-minded teams through the years, the term “Grit and Grind” has become synonymous with the franchise.

Tony Allen has become one of the anchors of this defensive juggernaut as one of the defensive anchors on the perimeter. Recently, he revealed how the term “Grit and Grind” actually came to be.

So from the start, it was basically a shot at Rudy Gay for sitting out a game.

This is interesting considering the “Grit and Grind” mentality was around while Gay was a key component of the team from 2006-13.

Gay was consistently one of the leading scorers for the team, good for 18-19 points a night, although he was never regarded the defender that other players like Allen and Marc Gasol became known for.

Grit and Grind still lives on today as Gay has moved on to other franchises — signing with the Spurs this summer. Allen remains an important part of the fabric in Memphis as the franchise still relies on that mentality to be successful and a mainstay in the playoffs year after year.