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Guardians of the Galaxy Guide: Where to find all Guardians of the Galaxy costumes and skins

Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Guide

At long last, we once again have a Triple-A game with unlockable costumes and skins. Guardians of the Galaxy features costumes that can be unlocked through different means – most of which you’ll have to find in the game’s linear stages. And don’t be fooled – many of these costumes are easy to miss. Here’s all the Guardians of the Galaxy costume locations in the game.

Guardians of the Galaxy Pre-Order Costumes

You get a couple of cool free skins right off the bat if you pre-ordered the game, and even more if you ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game. These are:

Star-Lord: Team-Lord, Sun-Lord (Deluxe), City-Lord (Deluxe)
Gamora: Black Vortex
Rocket: The Stinger
Drax: Thanos Imperative
Groot: Impaler

Don’t worry if you didn’t pre-order the game; you can still get them (except for the Deluxe exclusives) later on!


Star-Lord also gets a special costume that you can get if you connect your game to your SQUARE ENIX account. It’s very easy to do and you’ll even be prompted to do it when you start the game for the first time, so it’s hard to miss. In case you didn’t log in during your first run and still want to get this extra Guardians of the Galaxy costume, simply head back to the main menu. You can find the log-in prompt there.

Star-Lord: War-Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1 Costumes

Rocket: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

Rocket’s movie outfit can be found in Chapter 1 of the game. There’s a section in Chapter 1 where Star-Lord will slide down a metal ramp, where it forks into two paths. Rocket will comment that the right path is a dead-end. Ignore him – Rocket’s right, it’s a dead-end, but you’ll find his costume there. Right before the fork, drop down to a corridor below and find the outfit there.

Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

Groot’s movie outfit can also be found in Chapter 1 of the game. This one’s a bit easier to find. After meeting up with Groot in the tunnels, you’ll find a pink, slimey wall with a red light. There should be a small hole underneath it, which Star-Lord could duck under. It leads to a small room, where Groot’s movie outfit can be found.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2 Costumes

Star-Lord: Nova-Lord Outfit

There’s only one costume you can find here, and it’s appropriate since you only get to play with Star-Lord in this Chapter. This rather low-intensity chapter has Star-Lord bonding with the daughter of one of his past girlfriends, who happens to be a Nova Corps captain. Cosplay as one of them by finding this outfit behind a large pipe. You’ll have to duck underneath the pipe – and Nikki will berate you for not following her.

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes in Chapter 3

Gamora: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

After entering the forest, find a cave to the right of the red plant. Destroy the goo and beat the jelly monsters, destroy more goo, and then exit the cave. Once you’ve squeezed out of the narrow crevice, you’ll find Gamora’s outfit inside a box sitting outside.

Groot: Five Horsemen of the Apocalpyse Outfit

After grabbing the cage, have Groot make a root bridge to cross the gap. Destroy the goo to reveal a cave. Enter the cave, freeze the waterfall, and then climb the ice. Out of the cave, you’ll find Groot’s outfit at the edge of the cliff.

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes in Chapter 4

Drax: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

Drax’s movie outfit can be found by going back to the throne room after selling Groot. You’ll find Drax’s outfit at the opposite side of the room, in the area behind the throne.

Rocket: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

After selling Groot, you’ll go up a lift. Your party will head to the left. Instead of following them, head to the right. They’ll complain, but that’s okay. Get behind the bar table, round the circular table, and then pass through a small hole by the boxes to find Rocket’s costume.

Chapter 5 Costumes

Drax: Nova Corps Outfit

Star-Lord isn’t the only one with a Nova Corps Outfit! To get Drax’s, you’ll have to reroute the power to the little door. Open the door and head to the bathroom to find Drax’s outfit.

Groot: Nova Corps Outfit

Enter the room with the orange light after fighting the Nova Corps soldiers. head to the far corner of the room to find Groot’s Nova Corps Costume.

Star-Lord: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

In Knowhere, find the big pink Spirit tree. Walk past the green children and hop over the railing. You’ll find the outfit under the stairs.

Chapter 7 Outfits

Rocket: Nova Corps Outfit

Don’t worry, you really won’t be getting any new outfits in Chapter 6. The next one you can find is in Chapter 7. When given the choice, head to the room to the left. Have Groot raise the platform while you’re standing on it. Find the vent and crawl under. Inside, you can reroute power to a room at the back. You’ll find Rocket’s outfit behind that door.

Gamora: Nova Corps Outfit

Head back to Nikki’s hideout. Cross the water safely by using your Electric Shot. Cut down a bunch of pipes to clear the way. Behind the pipes, you’ll find Gamora’s outfit.

Star-Lord: Bad-Lord Outfit

There’s a point in this stage where Drax will jump into the red warp drive liquid. Jump into the tunnel. Stick to the right then have Drax drop the pillar from where you came from. You’ll find a room above if you climb the pillar, where you’ll find the outfit.

Drax: Cage Match Outfit

At the circular tower, run around to the other side of the platform to find a hidden cache, which contains Drax’s outfit.

Chapter 10

Gamora: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

At this point, you’re already used to not finding any new costumes in every chapter. The next costume you’ll find is behind the big waterfall you’ll see when Mantis joins the party.

Rocket: Hero of Halfworld

Find a small hole in the rocks where Mantis is. Ask Rocket to enter the hole. He’ll blow up the rocks from the other side to make a pathway. Look up and have Groot create a platform up to a ledge, scale the rock edge, and find Rocket’s costume.

Groot: Annihilation Conquest

When the game goes pitch black, Groot will show off some cool new moves. Move forward but before exiting, find a crack on the wall towards your right. Squeeze through it to get to Groot’s costume.

Chapter 12

A lot of new Guardians of the Galaxy costumes can be unlocked in Chapter 12, so pay attention.

Drax: Thanos Imperative

Skip this if you pre-ordered the game. Right after exiting Star-Lord’s ship, have Drax move the big yellow box. Climb up the box and jump over the gap to get to Drax’s outfit.

Rocket: The Smuggler

In the marketplace, find a door that you can activate using Star-Lord’s Wind Shot ability. Inside, you’ll find The Smuggler.

Groot: Impaler

Skip this if you pre-ordered the game. Use Wind Shot on the open space near the dead-end, where you’re supposed to push objects to proceed. Then, use Groot to cross the gap. Use Lightning Shot to open the locked door, then shoot the hatch with a Lightning Shot to enable Rocket to enter the vent. Follow Rocket to get the outfit.

Gamora: Casual Kill

Turn your camera to the floor and activate Drax’s ability so you can slide down. Enter the crawlspace behind you to find Gamora’s outfit.

Star-Lord: Apocalypse-Lord

After the cutscene with Cosmo, use Drax’s ability to raise one platform to reach the floor above. Head to the right and use Gamora’s ability to get Star-Lord’s costume.

Chapter 13

Gamora: Black Vortex

Skip this if you pre-ordered the game. Right after the first fight, use Gamora’s ability to reach the top of the rock above the vines. Cross the gap to get Gamora’s Costume.

Groot: Five O’clock Sprouts

Fight off the worm monster and smash the ice blocking your path. Use Groot’s ability to cross the gap. You’ll enter a room filled with dangerous gas. Turn around and look for a small indented space to find the outfit.

Star-Lord: War-Lord

Shoot the ice from the ceiling to form a path. Once you reach the pool of water, look up at the roof of the cave. Shoot the ice and a platform will fall. Have Groot make a bridge for you to find the outfit.

Rocket: The Stinger

Skip this if you pre-ordered the game. In the forest, past the two red trees, keep right. In the area with gas-spitting plants, use Plasma Shot to destroy them and reveal the box containing The Stinger.

Drax: Katathian Monk

After the burning village, slide down the ice. Move forward and look for some plants you can melt with Fire Shot. Once they’re gone, you’ll be able to lift yourself up the cliff to find Drax’s outfit.

Chapter 14

Star-Lord: Team-Lord

Skip this if you pre-ordered the game. In the long room at Sacrosanct. Use Wind Shot to lift up bits of metal so the big fan can’t hit you. Head up the yellow container. Keep going up until when the big fan is about to stop, jump up the platform and use Wind Shot so you won’t get carried away. Once the fan stops, jump across the gap to get the outfit.

Drax: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Outside with the big turrets, move forward. When the path splits into two, head to the right. Jump over the gap and use Fire Shot to melt the ice. Continue climbing up the platforms to find Drax’s outfit.

Gamora: Chosen Daughter

As for our last outfit, you’ll first have to survive a couple of battles. When Rocket starts hacking the turrets, use Fire Shot on the ice. Have Gamora cut through the pipes to find her outfit.

And that’s all of the outfits you can unlock in the game! Can you find all of them?