Hawks’ Chandler Parsons hires representation after suffering potential career-ending injuries in car accident

Atlanta Hawks forward Chandler Parsons has hired the representation of Morgan & Morgan after suffering permanent injuries in a Jan. 15 car crash, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

Parsons suffered multiple severe and permanent injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, disc herniation, and a torn labrum — injuries that could signify the end of his NBA career

Parsons, who was recently traded by the Memphis Grizzlies for Solomon Hill and Miles Plumlee, was traveling home from practice shortly before 2 p.m. when he was struck by a driver who was later arrested for drinking and driving.

The forward’s attorneys John Morgan and Nick Panagakis released the following statement:

“Morgan & Morgan has been retained by Mr. Parsons to help preserve all of his rights and navigate the legal process on his behalf in the wake of this terrible automobile crash. Chandler was seriously injured in this crash, which never should have occurred.

“The at-fault driver created utter chaos on the roadway, needlessly endangering the lives of countless motorists; he now stands charged with DUI, admitted drinking, had alcohol in the car with him, passed out after causing a three-car crash at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday in a busy intersection, seriously injuring and potentially ending Mr. Parsons’ career as a professional athlete.”

Parsons has played sparingly since undergoing a torn meniscus surgery in 2016, before he netted a four-year, $94.4 million contract — appearing in only 95 games for the Grizzlies and never topping eight points per game in any of his three seasons with the team.

“Chandler is having a difficult time accepting the consequences of the defendant’s reckless conduct on the roadway,” the firm said in its statement. “Chandler was in peak physical condition at the time of the wreck. He is now working with a team of doctors to regain his health, and at this time, his ability to return to play is unclear. Our focus right now is on helping him make a full recovery, while we also work to hold any and all responsible parties fully accountable.”

Prior to the car accident, Parsons had only appeared in five games for the Hawks, playing a total of 53 minutes this 2019-20 season.