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Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins speaks out on Trae Young’s superstar status

Hawks, Dominique Wilkins, Trae Young

The Atlanta Hawks scored another impressive victory on Saturday, defeating the Dallas Mavericks 111-107 in a tight encounter. This win was thanks in large part to the tremendous play of Atlanta’s duo of John Collins (35 points, 17 rebounds) and Trae Young (25 points, 10 assists), who have both been outstanding for their team this season.

Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins recently shared his thoughts on Young and why he thinks the 21-year-old is destined for greatness:

“If he keeps on the road he’s going, there ain’t no question where he’s going to be,” Wilkins said of Young, via Chris Kirschner of The Athletic.. “No question. He’s writing his own ticket right now, and I think the ticket is getting to the point where people are like, ‘Oh, yeah, this kid is going to be a long-time star in this league.’ It’s all up to him with how far he goes, and I’ll tell you right now with his attitude — and when you have a guy like that who loves to play — he will go as far as he wants.”

Wilkins is as decorated as they come, and for him to have such high praise for a guy like Young speaks volumes of the latter’s potential. For Wilkins, it all boils down to Young’s second-to-none attitude:

“I haven’t seen anyone play with that kind of energy and passion, really, since some of the guys I played with,” Wilkins said. “He has some of the same mentality that I had, which is you play hard all of the time no matter what. That’s what it’s about. That’s the makings of a star. He’s definitely got that.”

Let’s not forget that Wilkins is a Hall of Famer, so for him to claim that he sees himself in Young is obviously a tremendous compliment for the Hawks sophomore.

While the Hawks have had a disappointing season, Trae Young has blossomed into a true stud. The All-Star starter is averaging 30.0 points, 9.2 assists and 4.4 rebounds on the season. He recently just recorded his first 50-point game.