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Hawks forward Jabari Parker explains how getting benched by Bulls helped him

Jabari Parker, Hawks, Bulls

When the Chicago Bulls signed former lottery pick Jabari Parker to a two-year, $40 million deal last season, the consensus was he will play a significant role for the team and become a part of their long-term future. But less than two months into the season, Parker and Bulls coach Jim Boylen started having issues, which led to the former being benched in most of their games. Jabari was then traded to the Washington Wizards where he finished the remainder of the season.

Earlier this month, Parker signed with the Atlanta Hawks. Looking for yet another fresh start, the athletic forward recalled how his Bulls benching did him good. He explained why in his interview with HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy.

“You know, it was really good because now I can relate to every kind of player. When I talk to kids, I can talk to them about everything – from being the best player on a team to being the player who isn’t even playing. I’m just grateful for that experience. It allowed me to see things differently. I’m always looking for any little way to improve whether I’m on the top or the bottom, and I was definitely on the bottom in that situation. It just made me a better person, more importantly.”

Throughout his career, Parker’s ego has been one of the major reasons why he can’t stick with another team. Hopefully, his attitude won’t mess with what the Hawks are building. They are a team that aims to compete for a playoff spot next season, and they’re counting on Jabari to become a leader, not a distraction.