Hawks news: Trae Young already showing pro marksman mentality after Summer League stint
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Trae Young already showing pro marksman mentality after Summer League stint

Trae Young

Trae Young got a rough start to his pro career, missing 21 of his 24 3-pointers in three Utah Summer League games and averaging a mere 12.6 points per game after being drafted with the No. 5 overall draft pick after a trade between the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks.

Young was faced with faster, stronger, lengthier and more intelligent defenders, struggling to find the same freedom he often found during his lone season in Oklahoma, quickly seeing that his shot would go from a rainbow swish to airballs at the pro level.

“It’s tough, it’s tough, an airball is one of the worst feelings for me,” Young told Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports. “It stays with me for 2.2 seconds… and then you have to move on.”

“I’m at the point where it’s a next-shot mentality. I’m going to miss shots. I learn to accept that. Everybody expects me to go 30-for-30 every night, but that’s realistically not going to happen.”

Young has quickly figured out one of the best-kept secrets for elite shooters — a forgetful memories when things go wrong, and a must-take mentality when the ball is in his hands.

Matter of fact, the 6-foot-2 point guard has put his mind in the bigger picture, knowing that he wouldn’t be drafted this high if he wasn’t part of the Hawks’ future plans.

“This Summer League has been a good test for me to stay focused, a good test to make sure that I keep a good mindset,” said Young. “It’s a test and I have to continue to handle it well. I want to be the face of us continuing to grow as a team and rise as a franchise.”