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Hawks star Trae Young channels Draymond Green, fires back at Skip Bayless

Hawks, Trae Young, Draymond Green, Skip Bayless

Even Trae Young is tired of the “old media” and their hot takes with no basis at all. That much is clear after the Atlanta Hawks star channeled Draymond Green in response to Skip Bayless and his latest criticisms of him.

The FOX Sports analyst tweeted a rather bewildering take on how the Hawks’ trade for Dejounte Murray was an “indictment” of Young. Bayless clearly used it as a bait to get people to listen to the latest episode of Undisputed, but Ice Trae is not falling for it and not letting it slide with a fiery response.

Young highlighted how the “new media” is really way better than the traditional media or old media–or whatever they call themselves.

It’s hard to blame Trae Young for that response. After all, it just seems that the trend nowadays is to make a ridiculous take at the expense of players, even though such commentaries are purely opinion without solid proof.

For one, the Hawks needed another offensive option beyond Young for a long time now, and they have never hidden that fact. With that said, it is definitely confusing why trading for Murray is an “indictment” of Young, especially since the two have expressed their desire to play alongside each other.

Draymond Green, who has basically become the face of “new media,” has been criticizing the likes of Skip Bayless and others for some time now as he calls for more integrity in reporting. Clearly, he now has another supporter in Young.